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June 19, 2013
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"Romaaa~! Please, please, PLEASE help meee~!!"

Antonio whined, looking up pathetically at the already irritated Italian, grumbling and sitting up in his bed.

"With what, idiot?"

Antonio whimpered, widening his eyes for a puppy-style beg. "I need help with confessing to her!" Lovino's honeyed eyes slowly swiveled to the Spaniard. If looks could kill, poor Antonio would quite possibly be strangled. "At 2:00 in the f***ing morning?!?! I'm sure your ragazza is still sleeping to!" Lovino balled his hand into a fist, bringing it down on Antonio's chocolate brown locks, hard.

Whining again, the Spaniard brought his hand up to his head, rubbing it gently. "What was that for, Lovi?"

Said Italian growled. "One, don't call me 'Lovi'. Second, you woke me up at two in the f***ing morning. Three, you're supposedly the 'country of passion,' so you figure out how to confess to her."

Antonio yelped, covering his mouth with both hands, those green eyes growing even larger, his face blowing up into a huge blush. "I-I can't just tell her, Lovi! W-why do you think I'm asking for help?"

Lovino grabbed Antonio by the shoulders, throwing him out of the room. 



Well, that had gone better than expected.

Antonio sat by the door, pouting and almost waiting for it to open back up. Suddenly, his frown was replaced with a smile as quickly as it had been lost, eyes now shining with determination.


There was a loud, very agitated groan coming from the bedroom.

"Lovi? You ok?"


"So... Do you think you can help me?"

There was a sigh at the other end. "Mon ami, you have not even told me what you needed help with..."

Antonio felt his face burn up again. "I-it's about her..."

That was probably the one thing you can count on the Frenchman. He always seemed to know what you were talking about, and always played along, so you wouldn't have to let your secret out. At least you could trust him.

"Ah, of course I can help you with that, mon ami! Why did you not come to me first?"

Antonio mumbled something incoherent into the other end, muttering something along the lines of, 'the talk'.

Francis spoke up again, almost seriously. "You know I never joke about l'amour, Antonio. Here is what you need to do..."


Antonio was sure as hell lucky enough that his friend answered the phone when he called him. She was coming over today.

She was the certain woman that Antonio never shut up about. She made his heart pound in his chest, threatening to burst. Every smile or simple friendly gesture made to him made his stomach flutter and his cheeks burn.

She had the most beautiful eyes. They glimmered and sparkled at anytime, always showing some sort of happy emotion, rarely anything else. 

Her hair was soft, silky, and fell onto her face perfectly. She complained about it a lot, saying it was a bad day, and Antonio always reassured her. He so desperately wanted to run his fingers though it whenever he felt like it. At least she sometimes let him style it.

She had the most beautiful, bubbly personality. It even made Antonio happier. Hell, it made Feliciano happier. She giggled at everything anyone said to her, even if it was meant to offend. Somehow, she even got Lovino to smile. Now that's a pretty difficult task.

Her name, ________ ________. Not special if told to a stranger, but to Antonio, that name was precious music to his ears. 


Francis had devised the perfect plan for Antonio and _______. He told the Spaniard to set up a picnic at the most romantic place he knew of. So, naturally, Antonio chose a fresh green field near the beach. It also happened to be at sunset, so the poor man had been pacing all day. He wasn't exactly expecting _______ to agree with him to a picnic so suddenly. But that didn't really matter. Why mattered was that she was going to be there, and he could finally speak his mind.

But why was he so nervous?

"Hey, idiota, I would leave now, your ragazza is going to be there before you."

"Dios mio! Gracias, Lovi! Wish me luck!"

Grabbing a jacket, and the food he a cooked for the both of them, Antonio charged out the door without waiting for Lovino's reply.


Finally arriving at the sight, Antonio was doubled over, panting heavily, sweat dripping down his tanned features. He looked up, face-to-face with those bright and beautiful (e/c) eyes he oh, so adored. 

"Hola, Antonio! I see you're late! Were you taking a siesta?"

Antonio blushed, face contorting into an almost forced grin. He still felt the butterflies in his stomach. He probably also needed to lie...

"S-sì, I was, chica! Lo siento por llegar tarde!"

"Oh, no problem, Toni! I brought the utensils, plates, cups, and the picnic blanket like you asked!"

"Muchas gracias, querida!"

Antonio took the supplies from her, unaware of the pet-name that just slipped out of his lips. _________'s cheeks tinted pink, rather unnoticeable to the Spaniard.

"N-no prob, Toni! I-I'll help you set up."


"Toni, I've had about five churros. How on earth are you still eating them?!"

"Simple, chica, they're deliciosos!"

Giggling and shaking her head, _________ looked at Antonio, smiling gently.

Antonio looked back at her, the same smile he returned to her beginning to waver.

Dios mio. S-she looks so perfect... Should I tell her now? Or should I wait? Gah, I need help with this! No, Antonio, stop acting so scared and tell her. What's the worst thing she can do? Oh... Say no, of course...

"___-________, I-I have something to tell you..."

"Yes, Antonio?"

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Antonio turned to _______, clasping her soft hand in his own.

"__________, over the years I've known you, you were an amazing friend. You've made me laugh, you brought me back to my feet when I had fallen, both literally and figuratively. You've protected me even when you needed it more, you would take a bullet for me. And I would do the same for you. But you're gentle, I admire that. Someone gets angry at you or a different person, you're the first one to break it up. I don't know how, but you never use your fists. You don't have to. You're the kind of person who uses words to solve problems, and I love that about you."

"Something about you just makes my stomach feel queasy, and my heart flutter widely in my chest, so much, it hurts. Only when I'm away from you, or when you're hurt. It breaks me on the inside, and out."

"I would die for you, ________, I would move heaven and earth to be with you. Hell, I would kill for you. Anything, I don't care. I just need to be with you. I-I understand if you never want to see me again, but.... Te amo, _________. Ever since I first laid my eyes on yours."

__________ had her free hand over her mouth, tears falling from her eyes and trailing down her fiercely reddened cheeks.

"Mi amor, please don't cry..."

Removing her hand, ________ launched herself onto Antonio, knocking the both of them down.

"Oh, Antonio!" She shouted, the spaniard's shirt muffling her yells.

"I love you, too!!"

"Y-you do?!"

__________ pulled away, smiling widely.

"Does this answer your question?"

________ lurched forward, capturing Antonio's lips with her own.

Shocked that she made the first move, Antonio lay wide-eyed for a moment, before letting his emerald orbs shut and kissing her back. 

Love is a wonderful thing.


"Ah! They just kissed! I knew this would work!"

"Gimme the binoculars, wine bastard! I wanna see, too!"
WHOOP, WHOOP!!!! Got at least ONE thing done! :D

Sorry I haven't been posting stuff. Writers' block really sucks...

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These 'Love is': Now a series!


The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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