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June 10, 2013
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"What the hell is wrong with you, Antonio?"

"See ya in hell, jerk..."

"Good-bye, Antonio."

What was going on? Why was this happening to him? Antonio's friends, why were they just leaving him? Why did they suddenly hate him? Was it something he said? No, that couldn't be it, everyone always loved his voice, loved the jokes and stories he told. 

"W-wait, what happened? What did I do wrong?"

He watched helplessly as his friends walked out of the door, not before giving the Spaniard a rude word or two. 

"Francis, Gilbert, what did I do?"

Antonio's closest friends were walking past him, which were the mans' last hope of finding out his wrong-doing.

"What did I do..?"

"What did you do?" Gilbert growled under his breath. "What did you do?! Look around you, Antonio, why are we all leaving you, huh?! You know what you did, it disgusted me! How dare you ask 'what did I do'! You've ruined EVERYTHING you've ever had! I suggest giving it up: no one is going to like you now."

"He is right." Francis muttered, clearly wanting to stay out of this. "You did a terrible thing, you should be ashamed of yourself. It is a hard thing to forget."

Tears rolling down his cheeks, Antonio watched as the two closest people to him, the two people who defended him, through good and bad, walk out the door, both of them giving angry glances at the Spaniard.


He ran to the door, grabbing the Italian's arm. Feliciano yanked it away, keeping his head down. Without a word, the younger Italy charged out the door, not even sparing a glance.

Antonio turned back slowly to the rest of the house, seeing only one person. One person who could possibly help him. Help him find out what he did wrong.

"Lovino please-"

Lovino walked up to the Spaniard, giving him a look that read 'ashamed'. 

"Good-bye, Antonio."

He backed away and went to the door, his head shaking.


Antonio ran to the door, spluttering through his tears. He swung the door open forcibly, seeing all of his friends leaving him.

"What did I do?! WHAT DID I DO?!"


Antonio shot up in his bed, sweating heavily and his breathing fast-paced. He ran both of his hands through his chocolate locks, gripping his head, his body trembling.

Ever since Lovino left him to go live with his brother, Antonio had been in a state of disaster. He wasn't getting the right amount of sleep each night, due to nightmares that he was having. He had an unhealthy weight loss, his new problems from anxiety finally  catching up to him. He would have panic attacks at random times as well, he would stop moving, and seclude himself from everyone else, scared of them. The worst one he had was at one of the world conferences; he couldn't leave, and it was his turn to speak. It had been awful.

He looked at the clock beside his bed. 3:15 in the morning.

Still shaking, Antonio climbed out of his bed, wobbling towards his front door. He grasped his coat, putting it on with difficulty.

Stumbling out the door, Antonio clung to the side of his house for support, walking along side it for a minute. Suddenly he stopped. "No... Not again..." He fell to his knees, shaking violently, sweat dripping off his brow. His breath was heavy, his green eyes snapped shut, his fists clenched.

When his 'attack' ended, Antonio stood himself up slowly, still panting slightly. He continued walking forward, now getting used to these problems.

The question was, 'why?'

Antonio had always been the happy guy. He always had a smile on his lips, always laughing about something. That changed, however, when Lovino grew older. Since then, around his friends, he always had a fake laugh, a fake smile. No one noticed the difference. Until Lovino moved out.

Antonio had completely spiraled downwards since then, he never knew why. Was it because he was alone again? 

Antonio shivered, pulling his thin coat tighter around himself. Without seeing where he was going, Antonio knocked into someone, making him fall to the ground. Before he could stand back up and apologize, the person was directly over him, her (e/c) eyes widened with fear, and (h/c) locks matted and unkempt.

"Please, take her. Her name is _________. She was only born a month ago today. I need her to live. Please protect her!"

The woman thrust a bundle of pink blankets into Antonio's arms, biting her lip, her eyes now teary. 

"W-wait a minute, you can't just-"

"No. Please, she just needs a good home."

Before Antonio could object any further, the female ran off, leaving the child in his hands. The Spaniard blinked, confused as to what just happened.

Slowly, he peeled away the blanket, revealing the now crying child inside. 

She was beautiful, of course. The same eyes and hair as her mother. She cooed sadly, looking up at Antonio, almost asking for help.

"Sh, it's okay, pequeña, you're safe now..."

She seemed to calm down quickly, now gripping Antonio's coat as if it was for safety. She snuggled into his chest a bit, now falling back into an uncomfortable sleep.

Sighing, Antonio brought her back to his house, suddenly feeling a lot better than he had before.

Confused again, Antonio decided to ignore the feeling for now, walking back to his room.

As gently as he could, he took _______ off of his coat, laying her down on the bed. Being too tired to do anything else, Antonio lay beside the girl, placing a hand over her protectively.

Then it hit him. He missed having a child. He missed being a father. He missed having someone that looked up to him, big puppy eyes staring up at him, completely helpless in any situation, begging for him to help.

This was exactly what he wanted.

Smiling a little, he leaned over and placed a kiss on _______'s head, laying his head back down and watching her sleep peacefully.

"Buenas noches, ________."
OMG, why am I so mean to Spain?!?
And sorry, I wasn't feeling like Prussia at ALL today... Or France...

Part Two:…

Other Papa Countries:…


Pequeña: Little one

Buenas noches: Good night (not like you didn't know that...)

Hetalia @ :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story @ :iconsharkgirl567:

You @ :iconhappyspainplz:

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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