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April 28, 2013
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Aiyah! She is so cute, aru!"

"Werr, I suppose she is rather kawaii."

"Ve~ Doitsu, do you see the cute bambina~?"

"Ja, Italy, I see her."

(E/c) orbs opened groggily to the new sounds around the child. Sounds of shushing went around before the loud chatter turned to whispers. ______ turned to look at everyone staring at her. Her squeezed her eyes shut again and quickly pressed her face back into Russia's chest. China squealed. "Eee!!! She is shy, aru! That is so cute, aru!" Everybody was so preoccupied with the baby girl, no one noticed Russia, fidgeting uncomfortably. A bouncing noise came from the back of the crowd. "Let my brother have his space! And let me see my new niece!" Ukraine pushed her way through the sea of countries (that sentence sounds weird~ XD), apologizing to each one. When she finally reached Russia, she flexed her hands in a 'give it to me' motion. "Russia," she cooed, staring at the baby in his arms, "please let me hold her~" 

Russia sighed, and reluctantly held _____ at arms length to let Ukraine hold her. _____ gurgled and cooed when her new aunt held onto her, smiling and speaking as if nobody was there. "Hello there, little one. I'm your new auntie." She paused for a second, looking up at Russia with saddened eyes. "I hope my boss will let me see her..." 

Russia merely grunted in response, used to the fact that his older sister was almost never seen with him. He shifted in his chair, looking up at Ukraine. "Can I have her back now?" Ukraine nodded, and turned slightly to face the crowd. She spotted Hungary, giving her a knowing smile.

Germany cleared his throat. "Vell, zhat vas... interesting. Zhe meeting is not over yet, zhough. Everyone, sit down, and shut up!"


Once the meeting had ended, Russia took ______ outside for a small walk around. It was very peaceful out, seeing as it was a beautiful spring afternoon. The large fountain by the meeting place was running, a calm aura around it. Russia sighed deeply, bouncing _____ in his arms lightly. She had been sleeping all day, if she didn't get some energy in before the night, he wouldn't have any the next day. She yawned, opening up those pretty (e/c) orbs that he quickly grew to love.

He kissed her temple gently. "Hello, sunflower. Did you have a nice nap?" ____ giggled at his question, mainly because he tapped her nose to wake her up a little more. Russia chuckled "I'm glad you did. Let's get you something to eat, да?"

Russia sat down behind a tree that wasn't far from the fountain, which was still maintaining the peaceful stillness in the small area. Ivan rummaged in the duffle bag for a bit, soon pulling out a bottle of formula. _____ suddenly began to giggle, and grabbed Russia's scarf, burying her face in it. Again, Russia laughed softly, pulling the fabric away from her. "We don't touch daddy's scarf, Да?" He wasn't threatening her. Of course not. He just wasn't the biggest fan of people touching his things. _____ seemed to understand, though, because she turned away from the scarf and reached for the bottle. Russia put it to her lips, and she began to drink.

What Russia didn't notice was that when he left, three other nations followed him, smiling knowingly at one another and looking back at Russia. They were all thinking the same thing:

Russia has a real family.
Yay! Part two! For all of you that asked! Sorry for the wait, and for well, nothing happening. No Francey-Pants, Russia would murder him if he went anywhere near you...

Edit: I'm sorry, guys, but this is going to be the last part... Please don't kill me... :iconbegplz:

So for now, enjoy fluffy Papa Russia! :iconitssofluffyplz:

Hetalia @ :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story @ :iconsharkgirl567:

You @ :iconyayrussiaplz:

Part one:…

England's Version:…

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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YAOIBOYZRTHEBOMB Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist
Love Awwwwww!!!!!Love That was really beautiful!!!!La la la la :happybounce: Clap Super auwsome job !!!!!Clap La la la la :happybounce: Russia LOVELa la la la :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Bluemoonteardrop134 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  New member
I love it 💖❤️💖💜💚💙❤️💖it's soooo cute !!!!!!!
Sparkle-Sharky Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
D'awwww, thank you so much, love!! *huggles*
Bluemoonteardrop134 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  New member
I think it so cute because most people see Russia as a cold person and can't see him with a child. that's why I think it so cute . Might I ask you to do one with china? Please
Ferrets4ever Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Russia: We do not touch daddy's scarf, Da?

Me: *pulls harder*

Russia: o_____e How dare you not listen to Russia....
Sparkle-Sharky Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
But he wouldn't hurt you!! D:
Ferrets4ever Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist

Russia: *moves hand away from scarf* Please stop....

Me: ....... Yes papa..... <3
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