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June 5, 2013
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No. No. This was not happening. It just wasn't. It couldn't be.

Why. On EARTH. Was Romano 'Lovino' Vargas, holding a baby right now?

Well, it had started out as a normal day, Lovino running a few errands for his brother, Feliciano. 

Now of course, in all stories, nothing ever turns out as just a normal day.

So naturally, things became chaotic. 

First, the weather turned to rain, which then turned into a complete downpour. Cursing loudly, Lovino did the best he could to cover himself up with his groceries. Curse him and his stupid mind for not buying a car! Or at least an umbrella...

When suddenly, he heard small cry come out from a nearby alleyway.

Lovino stopped in his tracks. The rain butchered the noise, and to him, it sounded like a person's voice. Carefully, Lovino stepped into the alleyway, preparing for an attacker. What he saw was a little different.

A baby, no older than ten months.

First, Lovino's mouth dropped open in shock and disgust. What kind of sick bastard left their child, a baby no less, out in the rain by themselves with no means of protection? 

Shielding the baby the best he could, Lovino took out his phone and called his brother.


"Fratello, do you know that alley close to our house?"

"Sì, why?"

"Just come here, it would take too long to explain."

"Ve~ Okie doki, fratello!"

Lovino stuffed his phone back into his pocket, and picked up the baby. When he did, he noticed a small note attached to her chest.


Nine months; (birthdate)

"So your name's __________? Huh. I guess it fits."

Feliciano came bolting down the alley around a minute later, carrying an umbrella with him.

"Fratello, you found a bambina?!"

"Sì, now help me with these groceries, I'll explain everything back home."

"... So that's how I found _________."

"Ve~ Fratello, I think you should keep her! She's so cute!"

Lovino looked down at the little girl, who was now awake and looking at him with beautiful (e/c) eyes. 

The older Italian's heart did something. He couldn't explain it, but it felt nice. Like someone just complimented him, but ten times better. "... Sì, she is very cute."

His voice became soft and gentle, a small smile adorning on his lips. "Sì, sei molto carina, non è vero?" {1}

Feliciano's eyes snapped open and widened. "GERMANY!!!! SOMETHING HAPPENED TO FRATELLO!!!!!"

Lovino rolled his eyes at his brothers' stupidity, when _______ started to cry. "No, no, angela, please don't cry. Per favore, non piangere. Per il tuo papà?" {2}

Lovino started singing an Italian lullaby, ________ falling asleep within a minute. 

Smiling at his new figlia, Lovino took her into his bedroom, placing ________ gently under the covers.

Stripping down to his boxers and a tank top, Lovino climbed into bed with ________, placing a protective hand over her. Soon though, Lovino didn't feel that was right, and pulled her to his chest, kissing the top of her head. "Buona Notte, Bella," {3} he whispered to her before drifting off into a blissful sleep.

Unbeknownst to Lovino, Feliciano was listening to everything from outside his brothers' door. When it became silent in the room, Feli creaked the door open just a crack, his heart warming up and tears forming in his eyes. 

His older brother was holding onto the new ________ protectively, while she was clutching onto his shirt. Feli bit his lip to stop himself from making any noise and quietly backed out of the room, slowly closing the door.

"... Fratello is going to make a great papa."

FOR YOU, :iconyesiamanerd:, MY IBFF!

A/N: Both of Romano and Spain's papa stories will have similar titles. I'm not creative at all.

Part Two:…








Hetalia @ :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story @ :iconsharkgirl567:


{1}- Yes, you are very cute, aren't you? (Italian)

{2}- Please, don't cry. For your papa? (Italian)

{3}- Good night, beautiful. (Italian)

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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