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June 1, 2013
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Poor, poor Italy. 

He was late to the world meeting, which of course, happened to be held in Germany. Ludwig was not going to be happy with him.... At least he had a real excuse this time.

Holding a small pink bundle in his arms, the Italian burst into the meeting room, panting heavily.

"I'm so sorry I'm late! I had something to take care of, and I couldn't find anyone to help, because I obviously need help with what I needed help with and of course, I wouldn't lie to anyone here, especially Germany, he scares me, so please don't yell at me, Mr. Germany!" 

"Alright, alright. Italy, why are you late, and what are you holding?"

Italy's head shot up from the bundle, his stray curl following suit, bouncing along gently. "This is mi new figlia, ________! Isn't she such a bella ragazza?" Italy opened up the blankets slightly, his wide smile softening a bit. For the first time in a long time, his eyes opened, showing his honeyed orbs, practically shining with adoration.

"... Daughter..?"

"Sì! Isn't she amazing?"

Germany made his way over to Italy, eyeing at the small girl in his arms. "Ja, she does look rather sweet. When did you get her? And why did you think you could take care of a child by yourself?"

Italy looked at Germany, then back to _______. "Well, I was walking home yesterday from the store, and saw a woman holding her, begging for someone to take her away. She said it wasn't safe for her or the girl. But she wanted her baby to be safe. I couldn't just leave her there! But as soon as I took _______ from her, all the mother said about her was her birthday, and her name. Then she ran off..." 

The room was silent, staring at the Italian, who had sincere tears glazing his auburn eyes. "Oh..." Was all Germany could say. "Good luck to you then, mein friend..."

His thought now out there, Germany walked back to his respective seat, clearing his throat to catch the other nations' attention. 

"If there is no one else missing, the meeting will continue as planned. As for the guest Italy has brought along, we will get a chance to meet her afterword. Now, let's all sit down, and try for once to get something done in one of these things..."


Spain, Belgium, Hungary, and Romano were swarmed around Italy, cooing over his sleeping ______. Spain had one hand covered over his mouth, trying to hold in a squeal. Belgium and Hungary both had their hands out, tickling and petting the young girl. Even Romano was smiling softly.

After about a minute, something inside of the younger Italian snapped. He backed away, frowning at the others in front of him. Confused, Romano walked up to him. "Fratello, what's wrong? You don't act like this. What's bothering you?"

Instead of an answer, Italy backed away further, eyeing Romano suspiciously. When his brother took another step closer, Italy bared his teeth threateningly. Luckily, Japan noticed this, swiftly breaking his way out of the conversation with China. "Romano-san, it's his parental instinct. He's protecting _______-chan."

Realization struck, and Romano mentally scolded his stupidity. He looked back at his brother, and spoke up in their native tongue. "Stai per fare un padre meravigliso, fratello. Rimanere forte per il tuo bambino."

Italy looked up, smiling at his brother. "Grazie, fratello. Ti voglio bene."
I'm so sorry this is so short!!!!

BTW: The full title is supposed to be: You're My New Reason to Smile, but it wouldn't fit. :/


Stai per fare un padre meravigliso, fratello. Rimanere forte per il tuo bambino. - You are going to make a wonderful father, brother. Stay strong for your baby/child. (Italian)

Grazie - Thank you (Italian)

Ti voglio bene - I love you (family/friends)

Part Two:…









Hetalia @ :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story @ :iconsharkgirl567:

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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Elizabell42 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
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Sparkle-Sharky Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww, thank you so much for the compliment, darling! I'm sorry, though, I'm not writing anymore Hetalia... :(
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Daww, thanks for the compliment!! :)
ShadowGamer1315 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Italy's eyes open, and he bares his teeth threateningly.  ._. ..........

. . . 

Is is this what he did to turkey? Before beating him up? XD
Sparkle-Sharky Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Uh... I don't know...? XD
ShadowGamer1315 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Yeah parental instinct... 
damn Italy I knew you were a cat.
Sparkle-Sharky Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that... XD
LittleAtlantis Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
baby Narnia: B-b. . .
Romano: What are trying to say bambina?
baby Narnia: B-BASTARD~
**Italy walks in**
Italy: **goes 2p** CHIGIIIII!!! FACE CLING BITCH!!! **face clings to Romano who is screaming**
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