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June 2, 2013
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Ding dong!

Oh. Heck. No. 

Alfred F. Jones was not just being woken up by the doorbell at 2:00 in the morning. He was not about to just get out of bed and answer the door in this weather. Not when it was pouring rain.

Yet he did. Why, he was unsure. But he wasn't very happy to do so.

Groggily and angrily, he made his way over to the front door, opening it with a loud squeak. He'd have to fix those hinges later. 

Cerulean blue eyes scanned his front porch, looking for the devil who woke him up at a ridiculous hour. Upon seeing no one, Alfred scowled deeply, about to go back to bed.

Until he hear a small wail below him.

He looked down, his eyes widening at what he saw.

Why. On EARTH. Was a baby, a freaking baby, at his doorstep, in the rain, at 2:00 in the morning.

Alfred looked around again, searching for someone, anyone, to come over and say something like, 'Oh that's ours. Thank you!' 

But alas, not all dreams come true. 

Not finding any other escape route to look for, Alfred sighed heavily, picking up the child nervously.

She stopped crying immediately, clinging to his Superman shirt as if it was hers.

"This is gunna be a long night..." Alfred muttered to himself as he slipped back into the house, with the child still in his arms.

Alfred closed his front door, turning his attention to the baby girl he was holding. Shuffling her awkwardly in his arms, Alfred caught a glimpse of a piece of paper in the blankets the girl was wrapped up in. Curiosity nipping at him, Alfred pulled the note out, cursing mentally that it was sealed tight in an envelope. 

As best he could with one hand, Alfred ripped open the letter a little less then gracefully, and scanned over the crumpled up slip of paper.

________ _________. Ten months. Her birthday is (birthdate). She is normally a very happy, kind spirit. She wouldn't cause to much trouble around. But she is in danger right now. Please protect her.

Thank you.

Alfred quirks his brow. "No name, huh? Well, nice to meet you too, sugar!" He mumbled sarcastically.

Maybe I should take her to the orphan-

Alfred's thought was interrupted when he looked back to ________. Those eyes. Those bright, gorgeous (e/c) eyes. Staring straight back at the American. They seemed to melt his heart. 

_________ cooed softly as she reached up and gently pinched Alfred's nose. He bit his cheek to stop himself smiling as she began to giggle.

Apparently not smiling wasn't working to well for Alfred.

Cute things and giggling. Yeah okay....

But cute things that giggled... Better have a container for your now melted heart.

Alfred began to laugh himself. Not his usual boisterous one, but a soft, more controlled one. "You're actually pretty cute. Okay ________, I'll keep ya!"

She giggled again, as Alfred's nose was still pinched, his voice sounded quite silly to the baby. She laughed loudly, looking up at the American, her eyes simply shining in amusement. "Oh, you think that's funny?" He asked, getting more laughing in response. Smiling still, Alfred took her hand away from his nose. "Yeah, it was pretty funny."

Her bright smile fading, ________ yawned loudly, Alfred following suit. "I'm pretty sure we've both had a rough day, _______. What'da say we catch some shut-eye, yeah?"

As if nodding, ________ snuggled herself further into Alfred's chest, gripping his shirt again. Trying his best not to fanboy over her cuteness, Alfred brought her up to his room.

He laid her down on the bed without waking her up, kissing her soft cheek. "Nighty-night ________." 

He muttered as he fell asleep quickly, but not before the thought struck him that a world meeting was in two days...  
Two. Stories. In. One. Day. :iconblooddeathplz:

Well, is it just me, or is that stressful?! I've gotta write at least seven more stories for you peeps. You're lucky I love you guys...

Enjoy your Newest version of 'Hot Papas!'

Part Two:…









Hetalia @ :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story @ :iconsharkgirl567:

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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