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April 26, 2013
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It was a beautiful winter's day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Said country, that day, was walking down an empty street early that morning with his friends, the rest of the Nordic 5. To be more specific, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway.

It was early in the month of December, the snow gently falling down onto the five's clothes and hair. Denmark's bright blue eyes shone with a childlike joy, a certain sparkle that only he could possess. His spiked up hair was flaked with the small, white crystals, as well as his large black coat. He seemed to have a slight skip in his step, walking along with a small jump every now and then. It was as though he was trying to engage the other Nordics in his little game, with only Finland complying. Denmark laughed joyfully, his smile so contagious, it almost made Norway's lips twitch up slightly, though, he was rather skilled with keeping his straight expression. 

"Come on you guys! You're being a bore! It's so much fun out here!" Denmark threw his head back, letting his tongue roll out, just barely catching the drifting snowflake above him. "See?!" He said, his voice lisping out between his tongue and teeth. "Just try! You'll feel like a kid!" 

Iceland shivered, huddling deeper into his overcoat, balling his fists tighter inside his pockets. "Well, no offense to you, I've had enough of childhood that I have dealt with and have to remember." Finland smiled, happily responding to Denmark, 
"Well, I do love to feel like a kid! I don't see why not!" With that, he followed the Dane's pose, then giggled when a snowflake floated onto his tongue. Then nudging Sweden to follow him. "Su-san! It's fun! You should try it!" Sweden shrugged, his face still emotionless. "Ja, why not?" He followed, dropping his mouth open slightly as his features relaxed. Finland's smile became impossibly wider, he knew that the intimidating nation was now enjoying himself as much as he was.

Norway, meanwhile, watched the whole conversation take place, surprised slightly even when Sweden had complied to such a childish game. He smiled softly, and giving a small shrug, just as Sweden had, and created the same position the other three had. A small flake fell onto his tongue, his smile getting just a tad larger. He let his head roll back into its normal posture, and turned to the only country not participating. "Brother dearest, why don't you join? You used to make me do this with you all the time."
Iceland grimaced at the pet name, and responded. "I've told you not to call me that. Secondly, I am not a child anymore and can take care of myself."  

In truth, Iceland was shocked that his older brother had let Denmark, a country whom was found to be very obnoxious to the older of the two, make him smile. Seeing Norway smile was very rare, and it was a nice sight to behold. Norway's smiles were serene, not too large, and not too small. His laugh was even more rare, and those were (secretly) treasured by his brother. Not that he would ever tell.

Iceland looked around him, seeing that the rest of the nations had gone back to the challenge of catching a snowflake. He shook his head, letting a smile of his own appear on his lips. "Well," he started, catching the Nordic's attention, "if you want to have fun, you do it like this~" He lunged forward, grasping Norway's arm in his hands, running toward a large, snow-covered hill. "Hey! Wait up you two!" The rest of the group came running after Iceland, who had already made it to the top of the hill. Remembering something from when he was a child gave him an idea. He found a stone in the snow, placing one foot on top of it, and striking a hero pose. "I'm the King of Northern Europe!" He called out to the still quiet streets, now filling with Norway's howling laughter. It was spreading, and soon, the other countries were joining him, even Sweden had a smile of his own.  

When their laughter had subsided, Denmark spoke up to the Icelandic boy still perched atop the hill. "Hey, no fair! I'm the King of Northern Europe!" He ran to Iceland, pouncing on him, who yelped from the sudden force. As the rolled through the snow, they broke out into a fit of giggles. Iceland scrambled out from underneath Denmark, quickly scooping out and compacting a ball of snow. Denmark's eyes widened, but instead of the snow hitting him, Iceland had chucked it at Norway, the snowball hitting his nose and splattering all over his face.

Norway wiped off the snow slowly, a playful smirk tugging on his lips. "You'll pay for that brother dearest~" He picked up a handful of snow, quickly shaping it into a sphere. He threw it towards Iceland, who dodged at the last second, and hit Denmark in the back of his head.

The Dane turned, smirking evilly. "Let the snowball war commence."


Now it was getting dark. The Nordic five were trudging towards Denmark's warm home, their clothes and hair soaking wet. Their laughter still rang out through the moonlit streets, though it was now breathless, considering the snowball fight lasted throughout the rest of the day. 

They arrived at the warm house, crinkling their noses at the sudden warmth enveloping them. It still felt nice, though. Denmark walked into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with five cups of hot chocolate, and a plate of cookies. "Thanks, Dane." Norway smiled, helping himself to a mug and a couple cookies.

A comfortable silence fell over them, quietly munching on the snack and sipping the still warm coca. When their food and drink were gone, they began to talk amongst one another, telling jokes and embarrassing stories, all laughing at the memories. It was about midnight when they retreated to bed, now in warm, dry clothing. Iceland stood up first, stretching his limbs. "You know," he mumbled tiredly, catching the rest of the Nordics attention, "we should do this more often." The four other nations smiled and nodded in agreement.

And so went another winter in Copenhagen.  
Welcome to OOC land! It's the most frustrating place on earth!

Every character is OOC! That's five people! My own personal record!

Okay, so this sad story popped into my head I got from a picture, but then my brain was all: 
:iconmindplz::iconsaysplz: YEAH RIGHT! This will be cute~ :3

So now you're stuck with this fluff-tastic Nordic family :D

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story: :iconsharkgirl567:

I love you people! :iconluvluvplz:

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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